Wedebrand a soldiers name or a family name?

First of all, one cannot take for granted that Wedebrand was a soldier´s name, even though some
facts might implicate this at first. There is more than meets the eye here. Various results of research
and other thoughts taken into account are presented here:

1. Approximately five years ago, while researching at the Research Centre in Ramsele, Sweden, the
   experts working there and contacted due to this matter came up with another result. According to
   the facts they were in possession of, Wedebrand was a family name rather than that of a soldier.

2. Some twenty years ago, Margareta Fouganthine, daughter of Victor Wedebrand, came across an
   interesting piece of information while visiting Hamburg, Germany: from a big sign, neon lights
   flashed out the name WEDEBRAND. The place belonged to a timber trader. Was the owner a
   relative from Sweden? For some reason, she never got the chance to ask....

3. A German geneaologist, friend of Anitha Bergqvist (granddaughter of Karl-Oskar Wedebrand),
   claims the name Wedebrand is definitely of German origin, used in the area near the French-German border.

4. It is said by elderly Wedebrand relatives, that once two men by the names of Mouchard and
   Wedebrand came to Sweden together, both being the employed bodyguards of an important person.

5. During the 17th century, most people in Sweden lived their lives without family names. The children
   got the patronymicon after their Christian name, eg Sven Andersson where this boy was christened
   Sven and then also named Andersson, the son of Anders. The same idea goes for girls but with the
   exception that they were named "daughter of X", eg Kirstin Karlsdotter, thus Kirstin, daughter of Karl.
   Similar rules seem to have been in use throughout Europe in those days, perhaps slightly altered by
    using the genitive form.

   With the above facts presented, we are now facing an interesting question.

    To separate one soldier from another, all men without surnames got either a short war or weapon
   influenced name or were named after the place where they lived, while being on the service.
   If Wedebrand is/was such a name, then why got Pär Larsson the name Wedebrand, when he was
   soldier no 24 at Torfsäter? Please compare the tables below!

Name                           Lived             Soldier              Soldier          Company           Rote
                                                          between             No
Sven Jönsson Wedebrand 1684 - ? 1707 - 1739 103 Lieutenant Colonel Wedemö
Sven Larsson Wedebrand 1718 - 1790 1740 - 1775 103 Lieutenant Colonel Wedemö
Pär Larsson Wedebrand 1698 - 1742 ? - 1721 24 Motala Torfsäter
1721 - 1742 27 Motala Wedemö
Lars Persson Wedebrand 1725 - 1759 1748 - 1759 27 Motala Wedemö
Lars Wedebrand 1742 -1807 1766 - ? 24 Motala Wedemö


The deduction that we make so far is that Wedebrand is a family name rather than a soldier´s name. Possibly, there are also roots to be traced somewhere in Germany. However, we must ad that there is no given certainty in the matter, but with persistance we will hopefully one day find the truth!

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