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This part of the Wedebrand homepage was created with the intention of providing interesting
information for those in America and other nations outside Sweden who search for traces of
ancestors or other relatives connected to the Wedebrands. There will be different writers on
the subject, each presenting facts, thoughts or opinions;

Pieter and Lisbeth van den Berg, Lidköping.
Lisbeth, daughter of Elsa Wedebrand and granddaughter of Karl-Oskar Wedebrand.
Together with husband Pieter van den Berg, they have for more than two decades committed
themselves to genealogic research both in Sweden and abroad, eg in France. This work has
led them to different places and interesting stories, to people in the street as well as mayors,
all with a common interest in providing information, sometimes from almost forgotten archives.
In this work, Lisbeth and Pieter van den Berg have come across detailed information on the
families Wedebrand, Åman-Ducloux, Palmstedt, van den Berg and Dalstra.
They also have lead classes on the subject of interpreting old handwritings, a most useful tool
when searching for family roots.

Mats Lundell, Stockholm.
Related to the Wedebrands on the Törner branch, of whom some are professional musicians eg
Gösta Törner, a well-reputed jazzmusician. They are connected to the Wedebrands by Cajsa
Wedebrand, daughter of Sven Larsson Wedebrand. Mats Lundell shares his thoughts and opinions
on the origin of the name Wedebrand on this homepage. If you have any information or questions please contact him.
He will be reached at or cellphone +468377166 or address: Hasselbergsvägen 10, 168 51 Bromma, Sweden

Several of the Wedebrand descendants emigrated and found a new home in the United States of America.
Read about the emigrants, written by Mats Lundell.


Now to the question on the origin of the family name Wedebrand.

Is it a soldier´s name? Mats Lundell has some theories which he means will indicate this.
Here are his own words presenting these thoughts:

Now for some comments from Lisbeth and Pieter van den Berg. Read about their thoughts.

If you want to take part of earlier published information, stories in Swedish and pictures, please visit our archives

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If you have any questions about the Swedish roots, please contact Pieter van den Berg , or Mats Lundell


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